Thursday, 20 September 2012

Favourite 5: Bloggers

I've followed Bethany for the longest time, her blog is everything pretty, girly and fashionable. She posts about both beauty and fashion with a little bit of lifestyle thrown in. If ever there was something to make you go and hurry along to Beth's blog, her Cath Kidston inspired notd would sure be it. I recommend you go check her blog out if you love hauls, reviews and having a good giggle at personal stories!

If there was one blog full of beautiful things and beautiful people Asian Beautifier would be it. I love Sonali's blog because she doesn't offer her followers just the standard swatches of generic makeup and clothing, she offers advice on well being and areas of beauty many people miss because they're not glamorous enough'. I'd recommend you visit her blog if you love anything to do with makeup, tips and tricks and giveaways.

'Lux Life' really is the ultimate lifestyle blog. From photos of her favourite places to eat in London, to the fabulous parties and her recent charity ventures - Catherine's blog is a great source of inspiration. Her posts from when she travelled around the US are a particularly great read! I recommend you go check out her blog if your interested in any aspect of City life whether its the bars, clubs, uni's or where to go get pampered!

Again I'm a relatively new follower of Kristine's and yet her blog has fast become on of my favourites. Her style is pretty much exactly like mine, which means I find myself stalking her blog at every given opportunity haha! She's sophisticated and dressy yet modern, and seems a lovely person too! I'd recommend you go and check her blog out if you love lots of OOTD's and frequent posters!

Sophie is pretty new to blogger, although her blog has gone straight up to be one of my favourites. She posts about everything you could ever want in a blog ...and more! Her posts are always so positive, so much so it makes you feel happy and almost 'uplifted' when you read. I'd recommend you go check out her blog if you love a good mixture of everything from fashion, beauty and the following the everyday life of a British teen!

As always leave your links below and I'll take a peek
  perhaps you'll become one of my favourites?


  1. Thankyou so much for including me in this post! :) Im off to check out your other recommendations now :) xx

  2. checking them out now!

    found the route


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