Monday, 22 October 2012

3 Ways To Wear Fur

Fur. Associated with fashionistas, bag ladies and cat ladies alike; it's the perfect accompaniment to any outfit to mix up the texture. Of course, all the below suggestions of daring, fashion-forward ways to wear are faux, the most cruelty-free (not to mention affordable) way to rock this trend!

Rock a feather skirt.
Not strictly fur, the feather skirt is one of my favourite pieces in my wardrobe. Mine is still a work in progress...yes, I made this myself! Team this skirt with a chunky knit to create contrast and a more casual vibe or wear with slicked-back hair and a sequin top for a full-throttle 'New Year's Eve' look. Cheat the trend by DIYing the skirt with trim from eBay like me, it'll cost you less than £30. 

Accessorise with a fur bag.
If you are a reader of my blog at present, it is absolutely no secret that I am head over heels for these fur bags. River Island does my favourites...I have two. Try eBay for these, I got mine for £12 and £15! The luxe chain strap and pop of colour make this is statement item for the fur trend. Wear with a monochromatic palette or seriously clash with different textures, prints and colours. There are no rules when you're wearing a bag like this.

Go classic with a fur coat.
I got my first fur coat for Christmas last year. A steal at £60 from River Island, It gets so much wear. Choose a fit that you'd wear in any coat: if you love the print but hate the fit, move on and find another! Just because it's fur, doesn't mean it adds bulk and doesn't flatter. My favourite way to wear fur is with minimal colour/print/texture on the bottom (flat skirt or skinny trousers-as little bulk as possible) and a collared shirt or dress. It looks so smart and makes the print take centre stage. 

If you love fur but don't have the heart to wear it on such a grand scale, invest in some fur cuffs, a tippet or boot toppers. I can't find my toppers anywhere but take my word for it, they're the cosiest trend ever. I wore them in minus temperatures in Paris and didn't look back. 

I really hope you enjoyed this post and even got a little excited for the coming winter. Fur is a trend I love because I HATE the word trend. Fads come and go, but fur is timeless. You just have to find YOUR way to wear it! 

Thanks to the lovely Rachael for allowing me to guest post and I hope this encouraged you to dust off the ol' fur and embrace winter!

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  1. i adore the bag, its such a beautiful colour too! xx


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