Friday, 12 October 2012

OPI: Nail Envy Pink

A couple of months ago I bought this on a whim, I have no idea why. Of course OPI's Nail Envy line was crowned with awards after awards for their nail strengthening qualities, so perhaps that's why influenced me. Nevertheless, applying one coat of this is enough to leave you with lovely strong, durable, rose coloured fingers and toes, I think it's opacity is what shocked me the most. Of course, It does live up to its strengthening claims too! It's quite a hike at £18 a bottle, however I believe if you really are serious about improving the condition of your nails there really is no other way than the nail envy way! I was so convinced I actually forked out for another bottle, this time a clear version for a 'no nail polish day' - review coming soon!

P.S if you are wondering why the bottle looks a little 'odd' I photographed this minutes after taking this out of the refrigerator. I find OPI to be one of those brands where the polishes go gloopy very quickly, chilling them keeps them good for longer!


  1. Your writing style is so lovely to read Ayla!<3

  2. wow i didnt know that opi did there nail envy in pink, i want it!!:)

  3. amazing colour;)

  4. that's such a pretty colour :)

    Just came across your blog and love it! <3

  5. I love this color!! I don't have one bottle of nail envy which is surprising since Im such a nail junkie lol! Maybe because of the price, but I think I need to grab a bottle or two because it seems worth it.
    Thanks for the review!!


  6. I didn't know this comes in pink! :O
    I just bought the original the other day and I'm loving it so far! xx

  7. Anonymous24.3.13

    can you still purchase this?? i can't find it anywhere and it is such a great go-with-anything colour!!

  8. Anonymous17.6.13

    You can only buy this on qvcuk, and they're doing it now!!! Go go go!!!


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