Thursday, 4 October 2012

Collection 2000 Extreme Felt Tip Liner

After my first encounter with the Collection 2000 (or just Collection, depending how up to date you are with the pointless rebranding scene) Extreme Liner that I reviewed here I was pretty hostile and didn't expect much however, I was pleasantly surprised! Swatching this gives me a definite assurance that the black variation I bought of this was most definitley dodgy. This teal colour swatches beautifully! Yeah I'll admit it isn't the most wearable of liners, but it's so pretty I can't help but look beyond that point! The pigmentation is like nothing I've seen before in a coloured liner, it's actually so longlasting and pigmented that it stained my upper lash line for two days!!! Not bad for £2.99 eh?


  1. Wow that sounds like such a great liner for so cheap! I want!!:)

  2. I am a HUGE fan of the Collection 2000 Felt Tip Liners!!! I own three of them , black, green and purple! I wear them everyday because they are SO long lasting and are SO easy to apply!! xx

  3. I bought the black one a while ago and love it! I think this colour is lovely, I think I'll be giving it ago!


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