Monday, 1 October 2012

Favourite Five: Autumn Reds

Nails Inc 'Piccadilly Circus'   /   Collection Hot Looks 'Diva'   /   Nails Inc 'Chester Square'   /   Barry M 'Raspberry'   /   No7 Stay Perfect 'Damson Dream'

Red is supposedly the colour of this Autumn season so for my Favourite Five this week I decided to go with it and pick out my top red nail polishes. My favourite out of the 5 would probably have to be the Nails Inc ones, the formula is fab and they leave a nice shine that you really don't get with lower end nail polish!

I apologise for having a bit of a blogger break. Really it was down to a lack of inspiration and too much illness. But I'm back to my normal postyness and should (fingers crossed) be posting every day again! Also after having many many issues with my updating my iPods and iPhone to the new iSO 6 I've managed to wipe my twitter app so I'm only tweeting through my laptop, which takes so much time and everything that I'm just not as active as usual. If you don't follow me already my twitter is (@aisforaylablog)

P.s ignore the awful photo quality, the reflections were awful!


  1. These shades are lovely, I really like Nails Inc polishes too! xx

  2. I love res for fall!:)

  3. The collection 2000 polish looks lovely. I am quite a fan of reds. You should try OPI big apple red - its beautiful. :) x


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