Tuesday, 23 October 2012

Primark Winter Lookbook

Finally Primark goes grunge! I know these posts are popular amongst you guys so when I found Primark had released their THIRD!!! Winter lookbook for this year I leapt out of my seat! Admittedly this isn't really 'my style' however I know these trends are becoming ever the more popular, and so, all you lovely ladies will soon be able to get the look for a lot less! Cmon who could deny that? I'd say if I was to buy any of it, It'd be the stuff on the top row, which as you'll notice is probably the girliest out of the lot! Some things never change eh?

What are your thoughts on this lookbook? If your not a fan of this one just wait for the one I've got coming up tomorrow, It'll be sure to make you chuckle!


  1. I love this grunge look i always try to encorporate a big of edge to my outfits by wearing chunky boots or a leather jacket and Primark seem to have allot of edgy stuff at the mo! x

  2. LOVE that bag! xxx


  3. Great post, not my style too! but do love some parts of clothing xox

  4. Hi, I'm from Germany and i love Primark, too!
    Like some parts of this lookbook, especially the bags.



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