Thursday, 13 December 2012

December Empties

Sanctuary Luxury Bath Float
I believe this was part of a set as the size is so small, but I can't say I've ever seen a full size in store. I'm really not a picky person when it comes to bath gels so this was nothing special for me. I wouldn't repurchase purely because I'm constantly changing what I use.

Impulse New York Mini Body Spray
I've been trying to use this up for so long it's unreal, why do aerosols always seem to last forever? This is the scent I used to use when I was 9 or 10 and so for that reason my 15 year old self will not repurchase! It's a nice fresh mix of florals and fruits and a perfect handbag size though!

Clean & Clear Morning Energy Brightening Facial Scrub
Probably my favourite item in this post, I absolutley worship this scrub! It's pretty much a gel with abrasive particles in so it's a lot softer and less agitating in comparison to most other facial scrubs. At first I doubted its brightening claims however I do feel as though it makes me look much more awake and gives the appearance of healthier, glowy skin. I will 100% repurchase!

Clearasil Rapid Action Gel Wash
From best to worst now! I didn't get on insanely well with this product, it's not the best suited for my skin. It has a crazy high alcohol makeup and dried my skin out terribly. I'd say this would maybe work for those with breakouts or acne but even then I think it would agitate the skin so much. I just can't seem to make this work - a no repurchase for me I'm afraid!

Rimmel Max Volume Flash Mascara
I absolutley loved this all the time I was using it. It's quite a dry mascara and it coats the lashes well, some might think it was quite a clumpy mascara although I can't comment because I'm kinda a fan of insanely defined lashes. I loved the way it looked and thought I'd never go back to another however, after falling in love with my Maybelline falsies I'm not sure any more. Perhaps I'll repurchase!

Leave your empties post links below, I'd love to see what you've been using up!


  1. I know how you feel about impulse. I always manage to use up sprays like this during the year and then someone goes and buys me a set for Christmas -growls- x

  2. Lovely post always wanted to try the brighteneing scrub!:)

  3. i've been hearing about the clean & clear scrub! but i've always been a little :/ about their products...
    if you're looking for a new mascara, try mua's pink mascara [forgot the name] it's really good (i don't absolutely bum MUA like everyone, lol it is just honestly a good mascara)

  4. Oh my gawwd. I love Clean&Clear, i have to morning energy gel and it does exactly what it says on the tin ( i know it's a bottle!) and it smells absolutely gorgeous!

    Imogen <3

  5. I live these types of posts :) I love to see all the products that people have actually used! Might give some of these a whirl now :) xxx


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