Thursday, 20 December 2012

DOC#5 Favourite Christmas Scents

Why do candles always look so ugly once they've been burnt? Anyway! These are my favourite Winter Scents, ideally I would include a bit of Yankee Candle in here because lets face it, who doesn't love a bit of Yankee? However the truth is I just really haven't been in to their stuff this season, I'm not sure why! I have been loving Wax Lyrical though, I found their stuff at a local boutique and went back for more! Dear Santa is my favourite scent, it smells exactly like cookies with a little hint of sweet lemon in there, very warming! 'Christmas Tree' is effectively just Christmas tree needles in a solution, not that my house didn't smell of Christmas tree enough already! I'm sure the other two you can imagine their scents.

What are your favourite Winter and Christmas scents?


  1. OOoooh, i love these! My all time favourite scent is vanilla, obvs, but I love getting the crimbo candles out. These all look cute!
    Imogen <3

  2. Ahh I love Christmas candles! This post is not helping my bank balance.

    e x


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