Friday, 7 December 2012

Natural Collection Lipstick Comparison

This is the last you'll hear of these lippies for a while I promise!

As you'll probably already know I recently delved in to the Natural Collection's lipstick offerings. I had mixed views on the lipsticks and so figured I would do an overall summary kind of post for anyone wanting to see how the shades fair against each other and which are the nicest in my opinion!

The photo shows the swatches as Apple Blossom / Sorbet / Autumn Sunset, in order of how much I like them. Apple Blossom has pretty much no use to me as it's far too 'concealer lips' and the only thing I find it remotely useful for is as a skin base to neutralise the shade of my lips when wearing colours like Kate Moss 103. Sorbet is very very pretty and a perfect everyday shade, perhaps for those who are in high school. Autumn Sunset is (as you can see in the photo) very similar to Apple Blossom but slightly more orange toned with a frosty finish. Sorbet & Autumn Sunset are part of the 'Sheer Natural' line which I find to be great for light washes of colour and long lasting moisture. The 'Moisture Shine' collection which Apple Blossom belongs to is very drying in my opinion, however this line does have a much better choice of shades.

Overall I would most certainly purchase Natural Collection lipsticks again as they're fantastic quality for the price. I would however try to buy from the 'Sheer Natural' line only as I much prefer the formulation.


  1. These are so nice!
    I need to pick some up for college lipsticks, they're such pretty colours x

  2. I think I might pick up sorbet its a pretty colour and so cheap. This is a really useful comparison!x

  3. They're such a bargain! But I'm a total mac addict!! Xx

  4. Anonymous16.12.12

    Omg they are gorgeous!!!! Must defo go out and buy some!!WOULD you mind following my blog if its not too much trouble?? xxx


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