Thursday, 9 May 2013

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Hellooooo! I probably sound like I have multiple personalities the way I write on this blog, I'm so casual whenever I do update or personal posts. But anyway, I just fancied having a chat ( myself?) and I haven't kept you too much up to date recently so I figured I'd do you all an update.

School wise I'm sure your all aware the big exam season is on the way. I won't lie, I've done very little preparation but will probably start next week. My first exam is on the 13th May and my last on the 17th of June. At the moment I have 22 exams on my record, but I think I'll only sit 17. It seems 17 is a pretty key number this year, I'm thinking of changing my lucky number, it might do me some good!

I also got my results back from last exam season (March) even though I only sat 2 exams, I was pretty pleased with the outcome. I got an A in my Biology 1 and an A* in my Physics 1 resit. I know a lot of other bloggers I talk to on Twitter sat the maths, I didn't sit it but I hope you all got the results you wanted, in maths or in anything else!

I recently applied for my first formal part time job at a store, previously I did a bit of casual waiting on whenever they needed me. I decided I needed a bit more of on ongoing income, rather than a random £80 every now and then. Part of that was influenced by the fact this month we booked a holiday to America! wooo! Its not for ages yet but were going for a shopping holiday so its only right to start saving up earlier.

Blogging wise my 2nd blog birthday is coming up in the summer, unfortunately its bang right in the middle of my exams so I probably won't go all out giveaways and stuff purely because theres a 95% chance I wont leave my bedroom for the week unless its for school. Of course I'll post to let you all know when it happens, I'm so hoping and praying to reach another GFC milestone before then.

What have you been up to recently?

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