Thursday, 2 May 2013

A Beauty Bloggers Worst Nightmare

I can't quite believe its come to this. I don't even have a job (as of yet, sent off my first application a couple of days ago, WOO!), makes me wonder what I'd be capable of doing if I did have a job with constant income and dozens of new products to try each month. Part of this was brought on by the fact we've booked a shopping tip to Florida for 2014, WOO! Second 'woo' of the post, we're doing alright! And so being the crazy shopper I am I'm looking to save up £1,000 minimum in 18 months, which for a 16 year old with no income is pretty difficult. This is part of what has spurred me on to do the good old 'Beauty Bloggers Spending Ban'.

Its pretty worrying that it's 100 days as breaking it down that's almost a third of the year. I'm completely out of education for 2 months as of the 17th June and so I'll probably want to go out and do lots of fun (and therefore expensive) stuff. That and the fact I'm addicted to retail will make this challenge particularly difficult. I've set myself a few rules to follow during the ban:

- No carrying cash around anymore
- No magazines, clothes, toiletries makeup*
- *Unless its prom related
- I can pay £30 for a Jack Whitehall ticket, purely because its an IOU!;)
- No bus tickets, I have to walk or get lifts, EVERYWHERE!
- Stop doing midnight trips to the supermarket to stock up on Teasers bars *sadness*
- I can use store credit (boots card)
- I have to find a job during the 100 days, and spend no wages

It's in pretty good timing as my spending ban will end on the 1st of September (bare in mind that this post will go up after I've started the spending ban) firstly because its the start of a new month and the start of a new academic year. I hope it'll will bring about some new spending habits too!
Have you ever done a spending ban? How did you get on?

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