Thursday, 2 May 2013

Lush Rockstar Soap (Snow Fairy Scent!)

Now this is a post for all you Snow Fairy fans that missed out on this years limited sale period. For those of you who aren't Lush freaks 'Snow Fairy' (pictured above) is a Limited Edition scent available only at the Christmas period that sells out incredibly quickly. It's a candy, sweet sort of scent. My friend seemed to think it was like strawberry and banana milkshake mixed together, but each to their own, eh? Well basically Lush like to cash in on peoples love for the scent and so have sneaked the scent in to a few other products, unbeknownst to many fans. 'Rockstar' soap is one of these products! If you were interested in trying the Snow Fairy scent but couldn't get your hands on a bottle, don't like liquid soaps or don't fancy spending more money the soap is definitely a great alternative. The smallest bottle of Snow Fairy (which let me tell you is TINY!) retails at just over £3, for the same price I managed to get this huge block of soap, which is about 1/3 bigger than your standard bar of soap, not bad eh? Like most of Lush's stuff the quality is amazing and it lathers really well and the gorgeous scent does linger on the skin for a couple of hours. I love using both products together!

Apologies for the sheer amount of times I just said 'Snow Fairy'


  1. I'm obsessed with snowfairy and have 4 bottles in my bathroom haha! - I haven't tried this though, so I'm excited about trying it :)

    India xox The Jewel Beauty Blog |Beauty,Lifestyle & Fashion!

    1. The day I start running low on my stash will be a sad, sad day! hahah! At least I've got this soap to keep me going for the rest of the year! <3

  2. Iv never tried anything from lush, but snowfairy and rockstar are the two iv always wanted to try ! never realised they were the same scent though , thank you :)

    Beautiful Dreams

  3. I love snow fairy but I hate the smell of this soap lol strange I know xx

  4. It's strange because I absolutely despise the smell of Snow Fairy but I'm obessed with this soap. haha! xx

  5. I really wanna try their stuff! xx

  6. love lush products!! their bubble bombs are my fave!!


  7. I love snow fairy made sure i stocked up over christmas with the massive shower gels priced at around £10 each which is crazy but its sooooo good! Awesome blog, hope you visit back :-)


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