Saturday, 4 May 2013

My Favourite Songs For Summer Featuring Marc Jacobs Earphones

With Summer approaching and recent track releases changing to accommodate, I thought I'd do something a little different in the history of A is for Ayla, a music post! I think music is one of those things everybody can't live with out, whether they admit to being a crazy music fan or not. I'm sure most of us wish we were going to festivals this summer and for the ones who are, well you're lucky! After a rummage around my iPod, iPhone 5 and iTunes (iLike Apple, okay?!) I've picked out my top 10 songs for Summer 2013. You'll probably notice that for a 16 year old I have pretty retro tastes however nobody can deny genuinely good music, regardless of age!

*Cue mental image of me sunbathing lakeside with my friends around me and earphones in*

To go with every music post are a pair of tear jerkingly beautiful lovely Marc By Marc Jacobs earphones. I mean honestly, when your surround yourself by beautiful makeup everyday it sometimes infiltrates in to the rest of your life, including earphones. Now with most 'novelty' earphones the quality tends to be tragic, but honestly these are some of the best earphones I've tried, on par with Apple I'd say. They fit in to all sorts of jacks including iPods, iPhones (including iPhone 5), laptops and pretty much everything I've tried (unlike other earphones). What's more, they're an on trend for Summer, neon orange shade. Now even your earphones can be an accessory! (C/O Three)*

What are your favourite Summer tracks?


  1. Love the headphones, they're so cute! My favourites are Taylor Swift and Demi Lovato! :)xo

  2. You have great music taste! Raspberrykiss xo

  3. I used to have the headphones in neon yellow and after about a month the sound in the left ear stopped working. Tragically sad :( pretty though, aren't they.

  4. your earphones are so pretty, i'm jealous! i also love take a walk and what you know! xxx

  5. I never knew Marc Jacobs had earphones, i think I need a pair seriously jealous

  6. You've chosen some great songs, definitely ones to drive to with the windows down and the music loud! The headphones are cute too! xo

    Hannah xo | Glitter And Sparkle


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