Tuesday, 30 July 2013

Barbara Daly Cream Colour Lipstick in 'Port' Review & Swatch

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I do appreciate I'm reviewing A/W lipsticks in S/S. LFW is in a month, therefore the season changes in a month - that's my excuse. This was completely an impulse buy and I still to this date have no idea what possessed me to buy it, but I'm glad I did.

barbara daly cream colour lipstick port red wine dark red matte creamy lipstick

This time last year Barbara Daly, not a brand I've ever bought from, released a line of 'cream colours'. The line is full of matte brights to suit every skin tone. With most matte lipsticks follows the horrid drying effects, however, with these 'cream colours' this isn't an issue. The formula is so buttery soft it glides on the lips so easily and doesn't budge. Another observation I made is that with such a creamy formula, the colour doesn't tend to bleed much at all. Having said that I do choose to use a lip liner with every bright lipstick I wear, bleeding or no bleeding. I should add that the lines in the bottom of the swatch are where I didn't build the colour up, not smearing or bleeding.

Overall I'm very impressed with the Barbara Daly Cream Colour lipstick in Port and will definitely keep my eyes peeled for more shades next time I'm in Tesco, where the line is exclusive.

Barbara Daly Cream Colour Lipstick in Port £9 Tesco


  1. I've never even heard of this brand but judging by the swatch it looks amazing!
    Lydia Rose

  2. Anonymous30.7.13

    So glad someone else had heard of BD! I swear by it, I stock up on the creme concealer every time I go to tesco :P Might have to give the lipstick a try now too =]
    Marnimay x


  3. At last a matte lipstick that's not drying!! I haven't even heard of this brand before but I definitely need to look into it!


  4. I really like the Barbara Daly range, no one talks about it but i really love there products!:)


  5. This looks like my kind of colour! Unfortunately they've stopped stocking Barbara Daly in my local Tesco so purchases need to wait till I'm at one of their larger branches.


  6. Aww this is a fabulous shade :D I used to use Barbara Daly products all the time when I worked near a Tesco but now I don't so I don't!

    Great post :)

    Louise x

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