Sunday, 28 July 2013

Elegant Touch Nail Polish Remover & Rapid Dry Nail Polish Spray

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Removing my nail polish is up there in the list of things I absolutely hate doing. The smell, time taken and feeling of having wet cuticles makes me want to curl up in a corner and cringe at everything. Second to removing nail polish is another thing I hate - waiting for nail polish to dry. Smudging nail polish 10 minutes after applying it has me running for the hills. And so, in true Rachael fashion, today's post is on two of these things.

When in Boots, it is customary to buy things you don't particularly need, especially if said things are on offer. Recently a buy one get one half price was running on Elegant Touch and I had been eager to try the Rapid Dry Nail Spray to ease my weekly distress, so I decided to buy both the nail spray and the nail polish remover.

I'll start with the nail polish remover, which has quickly become a staple in my stack of beauty products. No exaggeration at all here - this stuff completely removes nail polish in less than 3 swipes. No scrubbing, soaked cuticles or ridiculous time taken. Reading through the list of ingredients theres nothing that really stands out as being the secret ingredient to Elegant Touch's success. I even used this to remove the shellac nails I had put on for prom, naturally, it was a little more difficult than normal nail varnish, yet it still came off much easier than with any other remover. I was tempted to buy the SensatioNAIL polish remover at over £6 a bottle, yet this worked out at less than £2 and did the job perfectly. A definite repurchase!

Moving on to the product I was most excited about - the Elegant Touch Rapid Dry Spray which claims to dry nail polish in less than 60 seconds. It works quite like the OPI Drip Dry solution but faster and causing much less mess. I cant complain with this product at all, it does exactly what it says on the tin can! Dries nail polish is no time, making it perfect for layering nail polishes when using glitters or nail art - another definite repurchase!

Have you ever tried a nail polish drying spray?


  1. I really need to try the spray, sounds great!

  2. Haven't tried either but i did spot the rapid dry spray in my local boots the other day but was a bit cynical about whether it would actually work! glad to hear that it does will give it a try, fab post, hope you visit back :-)
    amy xx

  3. I'veI tried that! works pretty well :)

  4. Who, I have never tried anything like this before, but after reading this post I think I want to give it a go!


  5. Definitely would try the nail polish drying spray - I am completely useless with letting my nails dry and always get it everywhere so this would be perfect!
    Lydia Rose

  6. I'd love to try that drying nail polish spray!

    PS: Found you through the BBloggers chat! Your blog is really cute! Newest follower here. :)
    Lynn | Makeup With Tea

  7. I need to buy the spray, I always end up smudging my nail polish! xx

  8. I agree with you, I love both these products the nail spray has now become a holy grail product has I used to hate waiting for my nails to dry x

  9. I love the ultimate fix spray. It very similar and i love it, this one sounds the same! :)

  10. I'm now dying to try both of these products! Thanks for the reviews!


  11. I've never tried this before, but its sounds great from your review. I'm always on the look out for new produts to try. Bring on pay day! Ha x
    Heroine In Heels


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