Friday, 26 July 2013

Lifestyle #1 - Answering a popular question


How much does this remind you of The Returned? :o

I always feel like I want this blog to be about more than just beauty. I occasionally do Month In Photos posts, personal updates and share my holiday photos but I feel like I don't talk much about me, what I'm doing or where I live. I don't have the typical life of most bbloggers - I'm not in university, I don't live in London and I don't work in the industry. Reading that back I realise I'm probably the most boring person ever to a bunch of bbloggers but lifestyle posting is something I've wanted to do for a while.

I get lots of Tweets asking where I'm based and the best reply I can come out with is 'inbetween Manchester and Leeds'. For those who aren't from the North West, you should probably know, Manchester and Leeds are miles apart. That's why I figured I'd do a few posts about the place I'm from and what I get up to. Of course, not giving away too many details, that's just silly. Despite the connotations, Lancashire and Yorkshire are some of the prettiest places around and quite a lot does go down. I'll look forward to sharing a bit more and hopefully proving that life isn't so dead outside of the cities after all.


  1. oh ;) love this little 'vlog' blog haha your pictures are beautiful!

  2. What lovely photos! I always love seeing more lifestyle kind of posts, it's nice to know behind the blogger :) and yay for Lancaster! x

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