Friday, 5 July 2013

Featured Blogger: June

For this months featured blogger I am delighted to bring you Emma from I Am Emma Wilde. Her blog is a mixture of all the things we love - beauty, fashion and lifestyle. Its taken me a while to feature Emma here on A Is For Ayla but regardless of that, her blog has been one of my favourites ever since I discovered it. As with all my featured bloggers, below is a short blog interview so you can find out a little more about the lady herself.

In less than 50 words tell us a little about yourself and your blog.
I'm Emma, a fashion journalism student about to enter my final year of studying with the hopes of then getting an internship at a fashion magazine. My blog is a mix of fashion and beauty with a few lifestyle posts put in for good measure. 

When and why did you initially start blogging?
I started blogging in my first year of university on and off but really dedicated myself to my blog fully at the start of this year, after being a avid blog reader for some time before that. I felt it'd really help me to develop my own voice, especially considering the journalistic career I hope to have. 

Do you have any tips or ideas for someone wishing to start a successful blog?
I couldn't really say that my blog is 'successful' as such. I like to think that it's always a work in progress and there's always something I can do to make it better, That being said, just make sure whatever you're writing you believe in yourself and would want to read yourself and also, try not to compare your blog to those more 'successful' blogs out there. 

Do you feel you've taken anything out of being part of the blogger community?
I've definitely learnt a few fashion tips here and there that I would have never thought of trying! But also I've got to see genuine opinions from genuine people like myself about beauty products, which outside of the blogger community is a rarity. 

What are your 5 favourite products right now?
Yves Saint Laurent Le Teint Touche Eclat foundation, Benefit High Beam, Topshop nail polish in Hidden Treasure, L'Oreal Elnett Satin Heat Protect Styling spray (that stuff is genius!) and MAC lipstick in Syrup. 

Who are you 5 favourite bloggers right now?
Lily - LLYMLRS, Lily - What I Heart Today, Abby - Un-Observed, Alix - I Covet Thee, Emma - Milkteef.

Where can we find you?
I'm always on twitter @iamemmawilde
Instagram: iamemmawillde
or even tumblr: (don't ask!)

Any final words of wisdom?
Wow, I've never been asked to give words of wisdom before, I don't feel qualified?! I'd say in terms of blogging, just be yourself, don't worry about followers and just enjoy what you're doing because the minute you stop enjoying it, you need to stop and do something else! 


  1. i love emma's blog! I have been reading it for months :)

  2. i've been following emma since last year now and I still love her blog! especially her celebrity outfit reviews xx

  3. I love that dress that Emma is wearing in the photo!!

  4. Nice to meet you Emma, great interview Ayla <3
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  5. Great post!! Thanks for sharing..

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    Brittany, xx

  6. Great interview. Its interesting to see how other bloggers got started. I know I had an interesting journey in the blogging world

  7. lovely post - i enjoyed reading all about emma :)

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