Wednesday, 3 July 2013

Life Update: School, Jobs, Prom, Blogger Events And The Future

Hello! It's a Tuesday night and for some unknown reason I'm really in the mood for sitting down and right a really long, wordy post. I know some people absolutely detest reading wordy posts, so this might be one to skim read. However, of course, if you are a fan of sarcasm, wit and Northern charm shining through a blog post then read to your hearts content!

As you'll probably know (I've mentioned it enough) I recently left school. I finished my last exam on the 17th June and since then my life has changed rather unexpectedly. My exams were fine and I don't think results day will be a day for shock and tears, happy or sad. Towards the end I started slacking a lot and really couldn't be bothered any more. I stopped revising full stop and went blindly in to all of my triple science, maths and English exams - not a good idea. The other subjects I was comfortable with 'winging' as I had myself in a comfortable position. However, with the more 'serious' subjects I'm anticipating results day. I think it will be a case of opening the letter and being disappointed that I let myself fall from an A to a B in a few subjects because of my pure laziness. I'm learning from the whole thing but looking forward to Sixth Form, I can assure you I won't get this complacent in my AS year.

I'm planning on going to a specialist Grammar school for languages (something that's very important to me) that's a little further away from my house than I'm used to, in fact its in a whole other valley. I'm looking forward to the change and being around new people in one of my favourite places to visit. So much so, I think I'll look forward to leaving my valley (which is tragic, let me tell you) and starting again in somewhere much nicer where I feel like I fit in a lot better. Of course I'll miss a few people from my current high school, but my gosh am I glad to see the back of some of them. I probably shouldn't be saying that as I know quite a few people from my high school will be reading this! hahaha ooooooops! A few people I know are planning on going to the same school, I think we'll call ourselves the 'It-takes-us-2-hours-to-get-to-school-are-we-dedicated-to-our-education-or-what?' club. Its quite weird that I anticipated the paragraph on school would be much smaller than this. I guess I have a lot more to say about school than I thought I did?

I recently had my prom but in fear of this post being astronomically long I'll do it separately.

Basically my biggest hope for this Summer was granted above and beyond as I was offered 3, yes, THREE jobs. All were in retail, either beauty or fashion. One was at a local department/outlet sort of store and the other 2 at a global fashion chain. I took up one at the fashion chain but surprisingly chose the store furthest away from my town. I think it's becoming apparent I can't wait to leave home. I know how difficult it is for a lot of people to find jobs at the moment so I couldn't believe my luck!

I was also rather kindly invited to quite a few Blogger events recently, I'm afraid I can't make the earlier ones but towards the end of the Summer some of you may finally gt the chance to see me! I'm still trying to work out the logistics of getting to the various cities as living in such an isolated place surrounded by greenbelt (and therefore an apparent lack of train lines) can be both annoying and expensive. Also a big thank you to the many bloggers, companies and publications that have recently reached out to me. I always enjoy speaking with bloggers and its been lovely having lots of emails from new bloggers, you're all always making me smile! A few things have gone a bit wrong recently, I had a bit of a negative experience with a well-known publication (can I get a "BOOO" for some peoples complete lack of due respect for bloggers trying their best?) but I'm moving on forward! You may have noticed these few occasions of useless distractions did momentarily put me off blogging for a while but I can assure you I'm back!

I hope you're all well. As always I'm keen to find out what you've all been up to. If anybody has any exciting stuff to share or fancies a general chat my Twitter is @aisforaylablog I feel like I haven't had a good chat with you guys having missed a few #bbloggers evenings during my break.


  1. I got complacent near the end of my gcses too! I guess I lost my mojo too! So exciting about your jobs though! Ive recently got one and cant wait to start! Are you going to the fabbbloggers event in manchester?

    Beth May Blogs

  2. Good luck with your results and your new school, and well done for getting the job! :) xx


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