Thursday, 3 October 2013

My First Experience With Makeup? Games For Fashionable Teenage Girls!

Technically (you'll appreciate the pun later) my first experience with makeup and the whole application process was through those girly online games where you can dress dolls up and give them their own identities. Now, its been a good 6 or so years since I last visited one of these sites, up until I was introduced to Games For Girls! Games for Girls features hundreds of virtual games perfect for young people with an interest in everything to do with fashion and style! 
The one thing I really love about Games For Girls is that every genre of game (whether it be hair, makeup, fashion, decorating, cooking ect.) are all in one place. The manicure section is a personal favourite, you know how I love my nail art! A lot has changes since I used this sort of site and one thing I was really impressed to see was the Forum and Blog for Games For Girls. I've never seen this sort of feature on a games site before and it's what, in my opinion, sets Games For Girls apart from the rest! So not only can you spend time playing the games, you can also read posts (just like Blogger!) on similar topics, and share your views on the forum with other young people!
I really wanted to post about Games For Girls as I know the majority of my readers (and in fact most of my followers) are all young people. I was obsessed with this sort of site at the age of the many of my readers. It's such a good way of practicing makeup technique by trying out new looks and applications. It's perfect for developing your own personal style too! I know I went through every 'phase' possible in my early teens, lilac glittery lipgloss, thankyou, but no thankyou! With a bit of virtual experimentation, it's easy to find just what you like and what suits you best! 
I really enjoyed re-living my preteen years exploring the site, even as a 16 year old. Let me know if you were introduced to the makeup/fashion blogging world through online beauty games, I love reminiscing with people! Also let me know what you think of Games For Girls*, I'd love to know if you appreciate the One Direction and Pretty Little Liars games like I do, hahah!

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  1. Awww, this post reminds me of my childhood obsession with these various online fashion doll games. They had big celebrities as dolls and you can dress them up, change their hair, etc. My first experience with make up is probably using my mom's lipstick for some formal dinner.

  2. Hey lovely, just came across your blog and it's great!

    Now following you! Please check out my blog if you can:

    Thank you! :) xoxoxo

  3. I still love to play them haha xx

  4. My first experience with make up is probably using my mom's lipstick for some formal dinner.


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