Friday, 18 October 2013

Whats In My Makeup Bag?

Hey world, I'm Noor from Noor's Place  -A lifestyle blog with bits from my life as student and as most talkative person on earth. I am happy dappy to be guest posting on this blog today, I met Rachael on Twitter chat and it's been great fun. If you don't join chats, oh c'mon you deffo should.

I'm not a make up guru but I am totally a lover. All things pink and sparkly just catch me. So my make up stuff is usually full of pink or shiny, shimmery eye shadows. Today, I am sharing some of my favourite items of my "pro" make up bag. Well, when I say pro, it means the stuff I use while going to totally fancy events like school functions, parties or wedding. Truth ended!

1- Maybelline mascara : If I say I can't live without mascara, you must believe me. Maybelline mascaras are thick in texture, the lashes created with them are long lasting. Though I feel their brushes could be more better. All the tubes I own are either twisted or got loose. In anyway, they're best .

2- Lip shades : Again comes the Maybelline but with MAC. Baby lips and MAC lip sticks shades are the easiest and stylish thing.

3- Daisy from Marc Jacobs : I don't know if somebody else keeps a perfume in a make up bag and then proudly states that? Tell me if you're with me. I think first smell is the last smell (revamped the first impression is the last impression). Daisy from Marc Jacobs is probably the best scent of 2013.  I had been using Chanel 5 but that's too serious for a sweet sixteen.

4- Brushes : I mainly use a blusher and a standard sized brush for eye shadows. So I hardly have good brushes. Okay, that happens when you know nothing about brushes. I am still learning brushing tips so perhaps in future, I might be able to show off some good brushes. PS. But I like brushes with cute patterns, ha!

5- Black pencil : I have big eyes that ask so much pampering. I use a dark, black pencil to enhance them.

6- Nail polishes : My favourite shades are from Essie and Top Shop. I only wear pastels or shimmer colours but some times, red & orange rocks everything .

7- Eye shadows : Victoria Secret and L'Oreal's are my favourite eye shadow brands. I go for natural colours as base and shimmer up to it. Sounds much old buuuttt it works best all the time .

8- Hair brush : Oh god, who doesn't put a brush in a make up bag? You know hair matters.

9-  Mirror : Though I usually use front camera while doing make up ( high five to technology) but having a mirror packed with me is never a bad idea . You can lend it to someone, be nice .

10 - Bobby pins : How could I go without them? I have almost frizzy hair so I need tons of them.

So what does your make up bag contain? I could have included a photo but it's all a mess right now #BloggerProblems. You can read my blog here, I am also a blog designer so gimme a call if you need one . Meanwhile, let's hang out on twitter!

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