Sunday, 26 February 2012

Collection 2000 Lipgloss in 'Adore'

Adore is a creamy, milky bright pink that applies neutral and very much 'your lips but better'. The applicator is a small lip brush that is perfect for not over applying, but can create harsh lines so remember the blend! The gloss has a very very sweet scent, which suits the romantic, almost 'valentines' concept around these lip glosses. Pigmentation is amazing in this particular shade, although not so great with some of the other shades in the collection. There are 6 shades together in the line, ranging from hot pink, to coral to nude. Some with glitter, some without. This in particular has no shimmer and is completely one tone. The fact these have SPF20 and come in fairly small packaging makes them perfect for taking in holidays!

Product - Collection 2000 lip gloss in 'Adore'
Advantage - A pretty, neutral pink shade for everyday wear
Disadvantage - I hear these may be discontinued soon?
Suits - Paler skin tones and cool undertones
Pigmentation - To say its a lip gloss, its bloody amazing!
Availability - £4.19 - Boots, Superdrug ect.
Overall score - (7/10)


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  2. great colour! :)


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