Monday, 27 February 2012

Primark Haul

Gold Neck Cuff - £4 £1   /   False Nails - £1.50   /   Hairbrush - £1   /   Burgundy Suede Skirt - £4   /   Black Underwear - £1.70 p/u   /   Bra - £4 (as part of set)

I am IN LOVE! with the tube skirt! It feels amazing, I've had  friends continually petting and stroking me whenever I wear it (this sounds wrong, no?!) I'm gonna go back next week and pick up another burgundy as well as the black variation. Seriously peeps, have a peek in store! They have LOADS of cheap bodycon mini skirts and pencil skirts in about a million different patterns, colours and textures in at the moment! I would recommending getting a size down though! Again, I love Primark underwear with a passion and so I proceeded to fill my basket with their delightful £1.70 pants! Most are in the wash so I couldn't picture them! The bra was a bit of a shock, I didn't look at the price and when I came out only having spent about £15 I checked the receipt to find it only cost £4 with matching bottoms! (which I shall not be wearing as I'm not a fan of dental floss if I'm honest) I'm gonna have another look and see if there are anymore of these sets - have you seen any others about? As for the nails you'll find out more about those in a NOTD in a few days!


  1. Love the skirt! Oh and I wear the nails a lot they are really good and stay on for ages :D

    Emilie xox

  2. Be warned - the burgundy will run and colour all of your clothes xx

    1. oooh thanks for the heads up! <3

  3. Love that skirt, hope they still have it in mine!
    Check out my gorgeous blog!

  4. Great buys, I love the necklace xxx

  5. Love the skirt and necklace! xx

  6. Love the haul!


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