Monday, 13 February 2012

MUA Shade 3 Lipstick

MUA, a brand that's soon becoming quite popular with me and the rest of the blogging world have in my opinion, some of the nicest lipsticks about. With a £1 price tag you can afford to try it out and maybe disagree with me! The packaging is actually pretty nice for a pound. The 3.8g of product comes in the standard bullet form in a shiny black tube with the colour swatch at the end acting as a lipgloss of the exact same shade - just so long as you can get the darn thing off, quite unlike me! Oh! and please excuse the fingerprints all over the casing. Seeing them while editing this post is annoying me SO much!

This was my first lipstick out of their collection of 16 shades, me being my usual stupid self decided to plunge straight in for the brightest in the collection - Shade 3. The texture of the lipstick itself is very soft upon application. Its a very glossy, pigmented pink that maybe after a few hours becomes a little drying and needs a topping up.

Being a bright colour, I always find it best to wear a lip liner with this lipstick. The best match I've come across is the Natural Collection Lip Line in 'Ruby Rose'. It just eliminates the risk of getting smears and bleeding while your out and about. I don't know about you but I'm constantly worrying when wearing bright lips, checking a mirror every half hour for updates. The picture below is the lipstick applied, blotted then reapplied with the lip liner to define around the cupids bow and lower lip.

Product - MUA Lipstick in Shade 3
Advantage - Great pigmentation for only £1
Disadvantage - Dryng after a few hours
Suits - Primarily cool tones, but warm tones too I guess
Pigmentation - Very strong for what it is
Availability - £1 - Only at Superdrug 
Overall score - (8/10)


  1. Such a great colour :-) I'm desperate to try out the MUA range but none of my local Superdrug stores stock it yet! xx

  2. I bought probably the most daring of the MUA lipstick colours, it's deep rich red and I must say how great it is! I'm going to get some of the lighter colours soon, the pigmentation is something you'd expect from a higher priced range!

  3. Thanks for the follow, am now following back, lovely blog!
    Totally agree with you about MUA, the £1 price tag is great, I like that shade, suits you :-)
    much love

  4. This lipstick is amazing, right? I have 4 shades but not this one!

    I love your blog so much! Please visit my blog, I've just done a new post! Plus I shall be doing an MUA haul very soon!

  5. Love your blog, and this lipstick is a lovely colour! Looks great :)

    Naomi at

  6. Im SO picking this up next time i have my weekly wander through Superdrug. I have 3 of the MUA lippies and theyre so good.. love how they have the swatch on the tube too - really handy for searching in your make up bag for the right colour :)
    This colour looks lovely on you :) i love pink lippies :) xx

  7. love this colour lipstick, it's a must buy! :)

    love from a new follower,
    check out my blog -



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