Thursday, 23 February 2012

Collection 2000 Metallic Cream Eyeshadow

The Collection 2000 metallic creams are a product I've been eyeing up for quite some time. The line of 5? shimmery shades that are not only extremely wearable as a eyeshadows but also as coloured primers. The collection includes a gorgeous silvery rose shade, an aquamarine blue, gunmetal, copper and gold colour range. Me being me, I delved in straight for the gold shade, aptly named 'Gold Rush' 

The packaging is simple - just the way I like a product to be. Although I do believe the actual tube and applicator choice could have been a little better. The sort of 'lipgloss tube' that Collection 2000 seem to go crazy for (ahem! LP concealer!) could produce quite a bit of waste product and the applicator isnt convienient for applying to the eyes, especially when using a brush like I do. I'm under the impression that C2000 want us to blend this in with our fingers, something theres no chance in hell i'd do with any cream eyeshadow, let alone a pigmented gold shimmer. The consistencey of the product is quite wet, but easily blends out into a think layer over the eyes which dries quickly. There's really nothing worse than an eyeshadow you have to sit (eyes closed) for 5 minutes waiting to dry. On to the swatching I guess!

Im quite intreiged to see what the copper alternative to this product looks like because to me, this seems quite coppery rather than the yellow-gold I expected. Nonetheless its copper-like colouring makes it considerably more wearable. This all over the eye with the copper shade is the crease and outer corner i imagine would look to die for! Pigmentation is quite a touchy subject with this eyeshadow. It is pigmented, but when blended you have to layer it up a bit to get the same level of colour. Your probably sat thinking 'well thats the situation with most eyeshadows! duh!' Its difficult to explain, you can probably tell what I mean more through the image above.

Just to let you know the line across my eyelid is not creasing, i'm one of the unfortunate ones 'blessed' with rather large trenches across my eyelids. I was quite hesitant to put this photo on because of the horrific lashes and unplucked eyebrows (eurgh!) however if your anything like me I know I hate it when they review a product but leave it at the hand swatching. Creasing is like most eyeshadows. Cream eyeshadows always take longer to succum to oily lids. However, do not wear this with a primer and it will be gone within a couple of hours. Layered up wth a decent primer underneath such as UDPP your likley to get around 6-7 hours worth of wear. I dont know about you but I never really keep my eyeshadow on for that long anyway.

Product - Collection 2000 Metalic Cream in 'Gold Rush'
Advantage - Can be worn for everday as well on out at night makeup
Disadvantage - Needs layering to reach is full pigmentation potential
Suits - All! although the tone might leave pale skin with pink undertones looking a little ill
Pigmentation - Average, could be better
Availability - £2.99 - Superdrug, Boots and most makeup counters
Overall score - (6/10)


  1. For £2.99 it seems like a good product :) love gold colours on the eyes! xx

  2. I bought a few shades of these and was disappointed with how sheer they were once blended. Ah well, can't complain really for the price I suppose! x


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