Saturday, 3 March 2012

February Favourites

February has been a D-R-E-A-D-F-U-L month for me, I'm gonna share with you the products I've been loving this month, and the things I could'nt have got through this month without! By the way, just as a warning, If anybody here is strongly affected by fingerprints on metal casing this is gonna be hell on Earth for you. I really need to start to remember to polish my nail polish bottles before I photograph them!

Nails Inc Polish in Chester Square £11
A beautiful dark raspberry colour! Don't be fooled by the colour in the bottle as it comes out considerably lighter on the nails. The only analogy I can thing of is MAC Hang Up lipstick, very dark in the bullet but like a sheer red on the lips. I bought this thinking it would be darker than Picadilly Circus that I already own, when in fact they are exactly the same (i'm not even joking) if your looking for a highstreet dupe Barry M in raspberry is also the same shade. And so to conlude this catastophe Picadilly Circus, Chester Square and Raspberry all make it into my favourite just purely because I love the colour, formulation is a whooooole other ball court.

Natural Collection Lip Liner in Ruby Rose £1.99
I've got a post coming up about the Natural Collection lip liners so I shan't say too much. A pretty pencil that can be used for both blue toned reds and pink lipsticks. Nice formulation that isn't too soft or too hard and creates beautiful lines that can be blended easily. The price isn't something to complain about either!

Collection 2000 Nail Polish in 'Shimmy Shake' £1.79
You may have seen this in a haul back in december, I forgot about it for a while but have rediscovered it this month! It's a sheer glitter polish that can be built up to an opaque gold shimmer in around 3 coats. My favourite way to wear this polish is under the Barry M crackle nail polish in Black, You'll probably see it in a NOTD soon! Like all Collection 2000 Hot Looks paints this dries soooo quickly!

Nivea Hydrocare Lipbalm £1.50ish
My final two products are from a brand I could'nt be without! I worship Nivea throughout the winter. I love all Nivea lip balms in general, but the scent on this is gorgeous. It's difficult to explain but its a clean vanillary scent I'd say. The balm applies clear and glossy and lives up to its aim for moisturising chapped dry lips!

Nivea Creme £1.40
This really has been my lifesaver all throughout the winter months. Its provides intensive moisture for all over the body. It has a light fresh scent and a whipped formula that glides onto the skin and soaks in quickly. Its available in a huge selection of bottles/tubs and sizes to take on the go. The smallest is a 30ml tub which I find perfect for taking abroad and this is the next size up, a 50ml - a perfect handbag size. I use this for my face but its perfect for any dry patches!


  1. I love nivea products, they're all so good and can be used for different things x

  2. I love Nivea Lip Balms :)

  3. I am loving the Collection 2000 Hot Looks Nail Polishes difiantly my favourite by far! Dries very quickly and the result is,well pretty amazing :)



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