Thursday, 15 March 2012

St Ives Olive Scrub

I'm always looking to try new things to improve my skin whether its on my face or body so I figured when seeing this St Ives Olive Scrub on the shelves I'd give it a go. It comes in a long, matte, green tube that's semi opaque - You can see the exfoliating beads inside, which I love! St Ives is popular, especially for its apricot scrub so its only natural for me to have high hopes when using any other product from the brand.

The scrub claims to be 'mild enough for frequent use' however after using this 3 times a week there's no way I'd apply it any more often. It claims to have all natural ingredients, but some of these are quite strong - paraffin and olive oil are known for being particularly nasty with sensitive skin, there's a high possibility this could cause you to break out.

Now although this claims to be a scrub, I don't find many of the jojoba esters which are the natural exfoliant the scrub uses. Its more of a thick gel like consistency with the odd grain thrown in. In a typical application to the legs you'll probably find around 10-20 jojoba esters, you could barely call it an exfoliant. I presume the majority of the esters get trapped in the tube and only the gel is dispensed. It's not all bad however, it in fact smells quite nice. But this is soon ruined by its thick consistency, lack of exfoliation, and the hideous 'film' like layer that forms after its sat on the skin for a few minutes. Overall there is no way on Earth I'd recommend this to an enemy let alone a friend.

Product - St Ives Olive Scrub
Advantage - lovely natural scent
Disadvantage - isn't what it claims to be
Availability - £5.19- All drugstores
Overall score - (2/10)


  1. oh what a shame, i have never tried st ives, but i have heard quite a couple of bad things about the company as a whole, thankyou for the review :) xx

  2. Such a shame it was a bit rubbishy - I always thought they had quite a good reputation! Great review :)
    I'm following <3

    Ellen xx


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