Wednesday, 7 March 2012

Wednesday Wishlist #3

Wow! does'nt feel like 5 minutes since I did last weeks wishlist, how time has flown! There are only a few bits to show today, just purely because I went on a bit of a binge yesterday and spent a bit too much money! Im not sure if I'll end up showing you in some kind of haul or whatever, but I picked up a lovely top and some other bits at the Tesco's sale - not usually a place I shop but I decided to have a look in!


  1. Anonymous10.3.12

    hey, thanks for the sweet comment, and yup I have tried it; I love it, especially the smell x

  2. wonderful wishlist, love the lilac, gorgeous dress, the clutch too.
    following you.

  3. I want a skater dress so badly! I'm nervous that if I buy it, though, I won't have anywhere to wear it, so I am waiting for an occasion. Love the purple polish as well :)


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