Sunday, 11 March 2012

Spring Beauty Haul

All Boots unless stated otherwise
Good Things Facial Mask - £5.99  /  Neutrogena Wave - £10  /  Schwarzkopf Gliss Shampoo - £2.09 Superdrug  /  NSpa Bath Wash - £3.00 Asda  /  Johnsons Holiday Skin 400ml - £7.15  /  Garnier Summer Body - £5.10  /  Batiste Blush - £2.99  /   Batiste XXL - £3.99  /  L'oreal True Match Powder - £8.19  /  No7 Nail Paint in 'Foxglove' - £7  /  MUA Shadows In Shade 20 & Shade 3 - £1 each Superdrug

This week I've been left generally disatisfied with my purchases. I love the L'Oreal powder, the MUA eyeshadows and Batiste Blush Dry Shampoo but other than that everything else I've tried has been pretty dissapointing. Your probably wondering why I bought 2 dry shampoos and 2 gradual tanners in the same week and to cut it straight, the XXL Batiste is shockingly awful (I plan to feature it in a post soon) and so I replaced it with Blush, one I knew I loved. After buying the Garnier lotion, I checked up on it and found that it had left a considerable amount of people with awful rashes, so I replaced it with a Johnson lotion that if I'm perfectly blunt smells awful on your skin. The Neutrogena Wave again was pretty disapointing, if you want a post just comment below. The raspberry bath gel is average and everything else has yet to be tried and tested! Although even then I decided to stupidly buy a No7 nail polish full price rather than waiting for another £5 off voucher, oh how I am silly sometimes!


  1. Anonymous11.4.12

    The face mask is lovely - it's gentle enough to use everyday if you choose to! x

  2. The Garnier gradual tanner doesnt leave me with any type of rash! I have heard that it does to some people, maybe do a small patch test to check? I also have that nail varnish and it is a lovey colour! xox

  3. Please can you do a review on the neutrogena wave?:)xx

    1. sure thing! It'll be up before the end of the week! <3

  4. I've had the neutrogena wave for a year or two and I use it about 1-3 times a week and I find it okay, but I think it's just a way of putting on a facial wash without using your hands, it doesn't really scrub my skin like I want it to.. but it'll do until I purchase the clarasonic. I love those eyeshadow shades!

  5. Shame to hear that you didn't love everything :( I hate it when that happens, feels like such a waste of money, but you can't go wrong with MUA eyeshadows at least :D xx


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