Sunday, 11 March 2012

Treacle Moon One Ginger Morning Wash

It was one of those moments yesterday. You know, one of those where you stand at the the soap isle sniffing several different variations of the Treacle Moon 500ml bath and shower gels until your nose can no longer detect any smell and any traces seemingly blur into one fresh, fruity scent! My favourite of the batch, which includes pomegranate, lemonade, mango, coconut, vanilla and raspberry had to be the ginger (that actually smells nothing like ginger) Instead of the stark ginger scent I expected, its more of what I imagine the 'Lemonade' smells like. Its a slight lemony scent mixed with something I can't quite put my finger on. But not the kind of lemon scent you get in cleaning solutions, this ones a sweet, sugary, sherbet lemon scent that makes you wan't to sniff it constantly! Another amazing thing about this gel is not only its sweet, pastel, lime colour, but also the bubbles it produces. For me, just the right amount. I hate having too many bubbles, but I also hate having too many, this product is perfect! Treacle Moon is a brand I'm now learning to love. I can't wait to try out the Vanilla and Mango variations as these are two of my favourite scents. However, I'll probably try them all as for £3.03 each you can't really say no!

Treacle Moon shower gels and body scrubs are exclusive to Tesco and the Treacle Moon site

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