Saturday, 25 August 2012

DIY: Ombre Nail Art

Hello there so this is a little new to me and quite a honour I suppose to be posting a post on someone else's blog. So my name is Emily and I come from Emily's Blog  so today I thought I would do a post on ombre nails I have seen these about a lot and really wanted to try these out for myself and a little tutorial!

So on with how to...

Step 1- Choose two colours (maybe more if you wish but I find that two really works best) one darker and one lighter. The colours I used were:
No7 Cheeky Chops (lovely coral)
Leighton Denny Paparazzi (bright pink)
And Sally Hansen's Double Duty Base and Top Coat

And you will also need some make-up sponges, which you can find in almost anywhere for a couple of pounds.

And a little weird maybe but I took a peg and attached it to the sponge to give me a little handle and it was also better to work with.

Step 2- Apply a base coat to your nails and let that dry

Step 3- Paint a line of the darker colour on to some paper

Step 4 paint a line of the lighter colour just underneath

Step 5 get your sponge and sponge the colours together on to the paper to get also the access polish off...

...and dab onto the nail. I liked the effect of having the darker colour on the tip of my nail and then gradually getting lighter but it up to you which way round you fancy doing it ;)

do this on all your nails and if required and also remember for every nail you do need to apply more nail polish and continue until all nails are painted you can repeat it to get a more opaque finish and the brill thing about this is that it doesn't take that too long to dry- yay! And also don't forget to remove the nail polish around your nails. Add a top coat this helps add a lovely shine to your nails and also merges the colours together

And there you have it hopefully you will enjoy doing these and if you try this out please be sure to tweet me a picture @EmilysBlog I would love to see them! So I am sure there is more where that came from ;) Also just a quick “Thank you!” to Rachael for letting me do this post today xxx

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  1. Looks great :) x

  2. really cool blog- nice nails! Just joined yours- please check out ours and hopefully follow back! In relpy to your comment on our rainbow eyeliner post, we used Natural Collection's brown mascara which gives a more realisitic and natural look for the eyelashes.

    1. Aaah! I used their Black Lengthening one for many years! They're great quality for the price! <3

  3. thats so good! wow- ive seen this around loads really wanted to know how its donw, its so clever!


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