Friday, 10 August 2012

Summer Skincare Routine

Every Day Use

Garnier Fresh Essentials Grape Toner
I would firstly apply this toner (which I must add is a very gentle toner and may be suitable for sensitive skin_ to cotton wool pads and apply to the areas I (as a person with combination skin) tend to get oily. For me this is the chin specifically, the area around my nose and a little on my forehead. This deep cleans the pores, reducing break outs of blackheads. I have a review here, although I hated the product when I wrote it oooops!

Simple Purifying Cleansing Lotion
I would then later use this lotion all over my face. Simple suggests you apply this using cotton wool however I prefer to apply with clean hands and rub upwards and outwards across my face. Simple is a very gentle skincare brand and one I used all throughout periods of allergic reactions and so it would lead me to believe the products are generally okay to use for sensetive skin*

Nivea Soft Moisturising Cream
Once waiting for the cleanser to soak in a bit I would apply this again all over the face, concentrating on areas I tend to get dry patches in. It seems there are two variations of this product, despite having the same name. The one in a white tub (pictured. note: this is a travel size) is of a thinner consistencey and so I find perfect for summer. The one in a dark blue tub is much thicker and is scented I believe. I find works well in winter.

This is actually a prescription cream for my allergic reactions, however it is available over the counter for dry skin or skin affected by Eczema and such conditions. I apply this to my left cheek, eyelids and chin (the areas allergic reactions have recently appeared in)

Occasional Use (once weekly usually)

Evening Primrose Oil
I do take one capsule of this a day despite it being in this section. I know a lot of you probably wonder why on Earth I volenterrily take supplements despite being a teenager, I'm sure were supposed to kick and scream whenever were given any dare I say it ...HEALTHY!!:o However Evening Primrose Oil has multiple benefits. I personally started taking it again because of allergic reactions, as its very useful for people with skin conditions. It's also taken for breast pain, weak bones and arthritis, heart disease, dyspraxia, alcoholism, CFS, obesity AND weight loss, edemetriosis, ADHD and for many symptoms of pregnancy. So basically what I'm getting at is its a very very beneficial oil, its easy to take (just pop the capsule and swallow) and really doesn't taste of anything.

Elemis Pro Radiance Cream Cleanser
I only use this perhaps once a week because a) its a very rich and scented product b) its sometimes a very good idea to change up skincare aaaaand c) its bloody expencive!! But yeah it's generally very good, I'm not completley sure if it's worth the money, but I continue to keep buying it so perhaps it is and I just wont accept it?

Elemis Manoi Oil
I'm not sure as to why I didn't take a photo of the actual oil, I keep it inside an old marine cream jar as I freeze it so its more manageable. I apply this to dry areas on the outer face aswell as elbows, knees ect. I have a post on this particular product here

Can you recommend any skincare products? Do you differenciate between Summer and Winter?

*I must add that this skincare routine is what works for me and my skin personally, results will vary between people, you and only you know what will and wont work for your skin.


  1. I love the simple moisturiser!

  2. Love the layout of this post and you have gott love simple moisturiser : )

    Chloe xo

  3. Nice to see you take some supplements :) I take six different ones on a daily basis! xo


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