Saturday, 25 August 2012

I Have Twitter!

Finally my blogger friends the time has come, I have officially joined the Twitter brigade! I'll admit I haven't got a bloody clue about hash tags, mentions, trends or whatever but what I can say is I have mastered the art of the retweet and have gathered myself a rather lonesome 2 followers. Any of you lovely people care to give me a pity follow? I follow back!;)

Follow my twitter (@aisforaylablog) by clicking here!

P.s I've just got my 250th gfc follower, Thank You to you all! Especially the girls at Look.Love.Wear!


  1. followed you (: xxx

  2. Love your blog dear, now a follower x
    Check mine out if you like :)

    I will follow you on twitter too but It doesn't seem to want to work right now, but I shall follow you when it has decided to cooperate :)

    Emilie xox

  3. followed! I love your blog, one of my favourites:) xoxo


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