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Urban Decay Naked Palette vs Sleek Storm Palette

Hey Guys! I apologise firstly for the lack of posting from myself. I had planned to try and post everyday for the month of August, however I've recently had a bit of concerning news about my health and I hope you'll all understand that Blogging hasn't been on the top of my agenda for the past few days. Thankfully though, I have some wonderful people who have willingly offered to do some guest posting for me, today I have a post from the rather lovely Rhi and Rach!

"Hey, Rachael has kindly agreed to let us guest post on her blog. Our names are Rhiannon and Rachel and we blog at Rhi &Rach. We are both big lovers of the neutral eye and thought we'd compare each of our favourite neutral eyeshadow palettes.We compared the colours in each palette to see how similar they were.

The packaging on both of these palettes are both nice. They both have mirrors in them, although the Sleek mirror is larger which could be handy if doing your makeup on the go. The Sleek Palette is much more compact which makes it much more travel-friendly than the Naked Palette which is much bulkier in comparison. The packaging of the Sleek palette is more entirely black and is easy to clean, however the velvet texture is very difficult to clean and attracts dirty. As you can see in the pictures, the Naked Palette looks really dirty on the outside, while the Sleek Palette looks pretty clean.

Value for Money:
Both palettes contain 12 eyeshadows. The Sleek palette contains 12 x 1.1g for £7.99 while the Urban Decay palette has 12 x 1.3 g for £36.00. It also has a mini original Urban Decay Eyeshadow potion containing 3.75ml. The original edition of this also contains a double ended eyeliner of 2 x 0.5g. So the Urban Decay palette does contain more product but the Sleek palette definitely works out as the better value palette.

Both of the palettes had great pigmentation, except for one eyeshadow in the Sleek Palette (11) which took a lot of layering to get it to show up.

Left to Right: 12, Creep, 8, Gunmetal, 10

Urban Decay Creep and Sleek '12' are very similar, they look almost the same. Creep is slightly more shimmery though. Gunmetal and Sleek '8' are also very similar although '8' has slightly more blue tones to it. Sleek '10' is also quite similar but much more blue.

Left to Right: Sin, '5', Toasted, '6'

Urban Decay Sin is not particularly similar to Sleek '5' although they look quite similar in the pan. 'Sin' is a lighter pink while '5' has more red in it. Toasted and Sleek '6' aren't that similar, they are both brown but 'Toasted' is much more of a cool tone while '6' has more warm brown tones in it and is also more red.

Left to Right: Buck, '11, Naked, '3'

Buck is a much darker version of '11' but they are similar tones. '11' in the Sleek is quite poor payoff and is the only disappointment in the Sleek Storm Palette. Naked and '3' are both matte light brown colours. Naked is slightly more pigmented than '3' though.

Left to Right: Urban Decay 'Virgin', '2'

These are both similar in that they are both meant for highlight shades - good for the inner corner or under the brow bone. However, while Urban Decay Virgin is more pink toned/neutral, the Sleek '2' is definitely more warm toned and has more of a yellow tone to it. Both are nice highlights shade though.

Left to Right: Urban Decay Smog, '7', Darkhorse, Hustle

Urban Decay's 'Smog' is much more brown, while Sleek '7' is much more red toned. 'Smog' is the closest match for it, as both 'Darkhorse' and 'Hustle' are far more brown toned than '7'.

Left to Right: Sleek '1', Halfbaked, '4'

Both palettes have gold shades which are great as crease or all over the lid colours in a neutral eye look. Urban Decay 'Halfbaked' is a very pigmented shadow, this here is only 1 layer, while the others are 3. Halfbaked is more of an orange gold while both '1' and '4' are much more yellow. '1' is the closest match.

Left to Right: Urban Decay Sidecar, '5'

Sidecar isn't particularly similar to any of the Sleek shades as it is much more brown toned rather than pink toned. 

Sleek '9'

Sleek '9' is an emerald green which is very pretty. It doesn't match any of the colours in Urban Decay Naked Palette as it doesn't contain any greens. The sleek palette is much more varied in this aspect.

The Sleek Palette is definitely a good alternative for the Naked Palette with the shades being very pigmented (bar one) and the colours are comparable to those in the Naked Palette.

Sleek Storm Palette is £7.99 and available from Superdrug
Urban Decay Naked Palette is £36 and available from Debenhams."


  1. This is the perfect post for me! I have the Sleek naked palette and am running out and I've been wondering whether to update it or get a total new brand, it sounds as if Sleek is the best cheaper alternative.

    A lovely guest post, hope you get well soon Rachael and see you back blogging! (:

    Jessica xo

    1. They did a great job didn't they? I'm sure they're delighted that you all love it! And thank you lovely, it'll take a long time to get better but being bed-bound means more time for posting I guess! <3

  2. I have both and I use the Naked one when I'm at home, and the Sleek one when I travel. :)

    Sandra from The Puzzle of Sandra's Life

    1. Good idea! Sleeks packaging is much sturdier! <3

  3. I have both and love them, find the Sleek palette better for travelling as the magnetic closure on the UD palette isn't ideal for in a bag x

  4. I love this Sleek palette, I never realised how similar it was to the Naked Palette and it's definitely great value for money! xx

  5. Thanks for this! Definitely want to try the sleek palette out now! Its so much cheaper too. Hope you get better soon Ayla! xoxo

    1. Sleek are for sure the best drugstore palettes in my opinion! And thank you lovely! <3

  6. THANKS A LOT FOR THIS COMPARISON!! I have the sleek palette storm and i'm happy there are a lot of dupes of naked palette!! ;) Now I gladly support you through GFC! Follow me back if you want! I have a fashion blog! we can follow each other!!! it would be a pleasure!!!
    TheSparklingCinnamon BLOGLOVIN

    1. Thank you for following, of course I'll check your blog out! <3


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