Friday, 31 August 2012

St Moriz Instant Self Tanning Mist

While I was up in Scotland a few weeks ago shopping in Sterling I came across a Bodycare store and got all giddy at the St Moriz stand. The brand is currently only available at Savers and Bodycare, stores that are few and far between in Yorkshire. Quite robotically I reached for the oh so famous tanning mousse but then caught a glimpse of their mists. I was in the market for trying a tanning mist after seeing that garnier advert and figured I wouldn't follow the crowd this time. And so off I troddled back into the Scottish countryside with only an expression that reminded me of home back South - a Cheshire grin of course.
I'm happy with the colour of the tan, it's more of a "'I've just been on holiday" colour than the orangey colour you get with most other tanners. I'd say the St Moriz mist is much more difficult to manage however. Because of the spray application it's easy to accidentally go over bits youve already done, resulting in a tan, and a very very dark one at that! The nozzle on the top of the bottle is pretty stiff so you find yourself putting all your power and attention in to pushing it down and forgetting that you've just continually sprayed your arm for about 7 seconds. This all sounds ridiculous and your probably sat thinking "well I wouldn't do that" believe me my blogger friends, this will turn you in to a tanning monster.

Another thing I dislike about the product is that it dries too quickly. Because the mist is light it dries within about 3-4 seconds so once you've sprayed you litterally have to chuck the can and start rubbing it in as quickly as you can. I get a lot of tiny dots where the spray hasn't distributed well and I haven't noticed them when rubbing it in. But I guess it has it's benefits as you dont have to sit around waiting to dry, plus the smell is actually quite good for a false tanner!

As a whole I probably wouldn't buy this again nor would I wear on a regular basis purely because it's too much hassle to apply. The mist costs the same as the mousse, £2.99. I'm actually pretty eager to try out the mousse now to see how they compare, I'm kicking myself for not picking them both up! Perhaps next time I venture out of my moors and fields I'll find another place that stocks them.

Have you done your own comparison between mousse and mist? whats your favourite?



  1. Definitely try the St Moriz Lotion, it's the best of the three by far! Fades much more evenly and lasts a lot longer than the mousse as it's less drying. Love the new layout :) x

  2. i love the mousse!:)


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