Thursday, 9 August 2012

MUA Shade 3 Pearl Eyeshadow

Ahh how I love finding drafts from a year ago! Retro!...

After being pleasantly surprised with the few MUA products I had tried I decided to plunge back in to the pool of cheap cosmetics and purchase Shade 3 Pearl, 2g of pure shimmery silvery wonderfullness encased in the typical MUA black plastic packaging. To say the product is only £1, you get a lot of product for your money, and a lot of pigmentation too. Admittedly, its not the softest metallic eyeshadow I've ever seen, infact its a bit 'gritty'. It's very easy to blend and easy to apply and is maybe slightly too buttery for my liking. Of course will all buttery eyeshadows there is a high risk of the pan cracking if you drop it, its for fairy fingers only! Also another slight issue is that it does product a bit of excess fallout in the pan, but its nothing that isn't manageable.
MUA Shade 3 Pearl Grey Eyeshadow
Advantages - Good pigmentation for price
Disadvantages - Perhaps a little gritty
Overall Rating - (7/10)
Availability - £1 from the MUA website or Superdrug


  1. I love mua shadows, there very pigmented!

  2. My local superdrug doesn't stock MUA :( x

  3. I lovee this colour - i find the MUA shadows to be amazing for the price - they last longer than other more expensive shadows ive tried :) xx

  4. I have this one, mine broke :( I guess I dont have fair fingers LOL!

  5. thqnk's for your comment on my blog!, love your blog and your tricks!
    Do you like we follow each other??

  6. The eyeshadow looks so nice and shimmery and the best part is its price. It also seems to set nicely on the skin ideal for creating smoky eyes look. For any improvements in the wrinkles and eyes around the eyes with Botox is worth paying a visit.


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