Thursday, 15 November 2012

A/W Outfit Inspiration 2012

It's important for me to feel comfortable and warm during the Winter while keeping fashion as a factor. I LOVE disco pants and the way Ellie pairs them with slouchy jumpers and vans - casual but stylish! Another of my favourite trends that tend to pop up around now are all black outfits. A contrast to Springs all-white outfits, I think they can work for day and night and pieces are very interchangeable. If you're not in love with the idea of dressing all in black, using metallic (neon is good too!) jewellery and small accessories such as Viki's studded collar and leather belt are a good way to break up the colour. Now although you'd probably freeze wearing Tammy's outfit in the Yorkshire Valleys I'd totally risk hypothermia to wear this out. My favourite thing about Winter fashion is the different knit textures. Tweed and boucle are two of my favourites, perfect for any Chanel fans!

The one piece I'm really on the look out for this Winter is a Tartan scarf. They'd look great with an all black outfit like mentioned before for a casual day out shopping. Another staple item for Winter is a good leather jacket. I love the way Tammy throws it over a blouse and skirt of the same colour pallet but contrasts this with a bold lip! Last but not least is Ellie's outfit which really sums up Winter fashion for me. The mix of leather, ankle boots, knits, collars, berry tones and neutral makeup highlight several A/W trends all of which are really wearable and readily available at any store for any person to pick up and style in their own way!

Again a big thank you to all the girls for letting me use their blog images! If you'd like to see who my A/W style inspirations and general favourite fashion blogs are, the ones above pretty much summarise everything! I'd love to know what/who your A/W style inspiration is!


  1. i love the items of clothings you have picked!:)

  2. i love the first outfit, i really want a tartan scarf too, it would be so handy! xo

  3. Love the last outfit with the leather skirt, so cute :) xx

  4. Thank you lovely! Such a cute post! :)x

  5. lovely post, and great outfits!


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