Monday, 26 November 2012

November Favourites

Cherry Carmex £2.99
This is a product I'd heard tons of hype about but never actually tried. Usually I go straight to Blistex for Winter medicated lip balms, however this was actually cheaper when I went to buy my usual so I thought I'd give it a go. Not gonna lie I don't understand the cherry flavour hype with this one, to me it doesn't even taste remotely fruity. My love for this product is based purely on the fact it's a great moisturising lip balm that gets to work in no time! I've gone through so much of this already!

Monogotas Mango Body Spray 3.15e
Okay so I'm gonna be a naughty blogger and post about a product most of my readers won't be able to get hold of. However for the 5% of my readers that are Spanish this is one for you! I picked this up in the Supermarket (I believe Mercadona, but don't quote me!) while in Marbella early in the month. I just needed a cheap body spray to throw in my school bag when the new term started again. Mango is my favourite scent EVER! and I love the fruity, fresh subtle scent this one gives. I'll definitely pick some more up next time I'm in Spain, the melon one is for sure on the wishlist!

L'Oreal Ever Pure Reinforcing Hair Mask £6.99
This was featured in my recent haul, I picked it up pretty much on a whim. I've seen this line advertised recently although rumour has it it's actually being repromoted from 3 years ago! Either way I wasn't expecting great results from this product but was pleasantly surprised to find I had lovely soft hair (something that's very difficult with wavy hair!) that remained soft for a long time. It's easy to use in the shower or the bath and something I will definitely use again and again!

Lush Snow Fairy Shower Gel £10.25
November was the month I got my first bottle of Snow Fairy! I pretty much just picked it up without even sniffing it purely because I'd heard so many positive reviews. Regardless it does smell amazing! Its pretty average at being a shower gel, but it's scent and it's price means it just has to be in my November Favourites! I just wish there was a Lush closer to home!

Whats your November favourite?


  1. Carmex is an absolute life saver in the winter months, I love it! X

  2. I love carmex so much, and the smell, great post!:)

  3. I love my Carmex! Although I lost mine ages ago, and now Vaseline is bringing out so many different flavours (?!) I keep buying them instead! I also love snow fairy, I havent bought it this year yet but I find its so hard to get out of the tube?! Or is that just me being weird haha ;) xx

  4. You can't beat carmex! x


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