Tuesday, 6 November 2012

Daniel Galvin Jr Hairjuice Melon Shampoo

"DGJ Organics Honeydew & Watermelon Hairjuice Shampoo will gently cleanse hair of impurities and stimulate the scalp to strengthen hair."

After picking up Daniel Galvin Junior's famous Hangover Hair (review can be found below in related posts) Shampoo and Conditioner I 100% new I had to go back and pick up the 'Hair Juice' shampoo too. I didn't buy the conditioner purely because I already have a large amount despite not using it all that often so perhaps I'll review it at a later date. The main thing that enticed me was the scent, melon. Don't ask me why I love melon scents so much, it's probably because these bad boys were melon scented too and my blessed childhood memories have distilled my addiction inside all these years. I prefer this melon scent over the lavender scent of Hangover Hair, but I dislike neither.

I have absolutely no idea what nourishing qualities melon as, or in fact why it's in the shampoo at all. But hey it's melon, I wont complain! As for 'purifying, refreshing, strengthening and stimulating' I'd say it definitely improved the texture of my hair when compared with standard drugstore shampoos (usually different variants of Loreal Elvive) however it also made my usually slightly-dark than mouse brown hair brassy and dull. I experienced all the same effects of this shampoo plus a healthy shine with Hangover Hair. For this reason I think I'll stick with Hangover Hair. Although it is still a very very good shampoo, I'm not sure I can be forking out an extra £12 a month on a shampoo that's not as good as my alternative.

+10 brownie points for anyone who actually counted the ridiculous amount of times I said melon in this post.

Shampoo and Conditioners are £5.99 available at Waitrose and Online


  1. I love melon! Never ever heard of this or seen it. But sounds quite nice and plus theres melon ;) heheh
    hareem x



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