Wednesday, 28 November 2012


College applications suck / MARBELLAAA! / Aw so pretty / So glad Leticia won / Crop tops in Winter? / Started a cat sanctuary within 5 minutes of being in Spain / Far too many of these hanging around / Attempt at 'Autumn clean' / This is pretty / This on the other hand... / I worship IKEA Tindra candles / Got 2nd degree burns off our malfunctioning jacuzzi / Can't wait for more of these / Onsie sleepovers / First F21 purchase / Examination failure / Lipstick obsession / Walking through this is like heaven / I get bored sometimes / RAINBOWW!

Overall November was a pretty erm... eventful? month. The highlight was definitley my holiday, it feels like so long ago though! Looking back at all these photos of the sea I soooo wish I could just walk through all the sea foam again - best.feeling.ever. Oooh and Movember supporters too, you guys are awesome! The end of my month was greeted by science and Spanish exams, I guess we'll see how that turns out next month.

My month was overall pretty good, how was yours?


  1. That onsie is so cool :) x

  2. Haha great post!:)

    Enter my comp to win 2 tixkets to the clothe show!!:)

  3. I love how grumpy the cat looks! Lovely photos :) xx

  4. Your hair is sooooo nice xx


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