Saturday, 10 November 2012

Soap & Glory Make Yourself Youthful Super Serum

Okay so yes this is an anti-ageing product, however if you've read my 'Olay Anti-Winkle Tinted Moisturiser' review you'll know why I sometimes buy these products specially formulated for a more mature woman.

The Soap & Glory Super Serum has been clinically proven to 'Trigger DNA repair, hyper-boost collagen and cell respiration and smooth the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.' In my experience of using this product, I can agree that it does smooth over fine lines and wrinkles and does not emphasise flaws in the skin surface. The serum also contains hyluronic acid (currently popular amongst bloggers), organic coconut oil for elasticity and Maracuja Oil for a hit of brightening vitamin C. The brand recommends you use 1-2 pumps of this morning and night for 30 days to see strong visible results. Although the few fine lines in my skin are perhaps not as deep as the ideal user of this product would have, I did see an improvement around the eye area (be careful with application around eyes!) and to the sides of my lips after around half a month, I can imagine with further use these lines will become almost invisible, definitely a winning product for me!

Although I would say if your interested in purchasing this, take a good look as Soap & Glory have two separate Make Yourself Youthful serums, a normal one and this 'super' one too.

Soap & Glory Make Yourself Youthful Super Serum £20
Available at Boots or Sephora online


  1. that looks like such an amazing product, i need it now!!:)

  2. Ah yes but has it had 100% of women see a difference like Avon's A-F33 Anti wrinkle cream which is the same price? Plus a free gift :D Always follow anti-wrinkle creams with a suncrean. They make you skin extra sensitive :(

    Wendy Xoxo

    1. It does advise it on the packaging! <3

  3. wow I want this for the packaging alone! You can't go wrong with S&G products!

    beckys makeup

    1. I know, their packaging appears so much more expencive than what they are! <3


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